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ShellSquare Softwares LLP utilizes its digitalization knowledge and experience in applying the oil and gas industry for automation of planning and drilling offshore production. Shellsquare helps customers to optimize the performance of critical oil and gas applications for real time operations. The company offers the clients to transfer, store and to visualize data to make smarter decisions. The company helps to detect anomalies during drilling, operations to enable more effective decision making to deliver cost savings.

Shellsquare Softwares was established in the year of 2014 in Bangalore. With the rapid growth we have extended our new branch to Technopark Trivandrum, and started offering service to customers across the globe.

The product we build for Exebenus, Halliburton and Kongsberg are used by Patronus, Equinor

Headoffice of Shellsquare Softwares is located in Technopark, Trivandrum, renowned as the country’s first IT park and reputed as one among the world’s greenest Technopolis. This is a CMMI Level 4, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & OHSAS 18001:2007 certified Technology Park in India that has set an outstanding example for several other IT parks in the country and across the world.

Often referred to as one of Asia’s Best IT parks, Technopark was established in 1990. Today, it houses a workforce that consists of over 56000 personnel, employed in about 400 companies in the campus. Technopark is extensively laid out across a massive 760 acres of land, with 9.7 million sq. ft. of completed built up space.
Technopark, Trivandrum
Exebenus digitalize the information exchange between office and rig. Exebenus Pulse solution creates digitalized detailed instructions that can be merged with real-time data, allowing you to continuously enhance the quality and safety of your drilling and completions operations. With the digital advantage from Exebenus, each well project advances the next.

Integrating the Artificial intelligence (AI) to the drilling helps the Engineers to predict the Stuck pipe before it occurs and save cost. The work done by Exebenus and Shellsquare together along with IISC and NORA Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium make this possible.

As a Strategic partner ShellSquare delivers
Exebenus Pulse
An overview of the ongoing non-drilling operations and the theoretical time-sensor plots for the ongoing operation by comparing the Real-Time Data received from the operations and monitor the system is within the safe operating window, which will be used by the well engineers and drillers.

Real-time insight. Full-time confidence.

Exebenus Pulse digitalizes the information exchange between office and rig. Bridging the digital footprint of past and current operations, the solution automatically generates detailed procedures for drilling and completions operations, facilitates dynamic interaction between planner and crew, validates actions and flags deviations in real time, and captures best practices for future implementation.

With Exebenus Pulse, operators maximize uptime and continuously improve the integrity, efficiency and safety of operations.

Increase operator confidence and procedural consistency

Warn when deviating from plan

Reduce human error and increase safety

Exebenus Access

Exebenus Access enables user to view and manage the historic data of Existing oil wells. The application indexes the wellbores and provides an accurate, visual and easy to use user interface where in the user can search for wellbores by entering filter criteria. User can also have the detailed view including the formation, lithology and wellbore geometry.
Strategic Partner
KONGSBERG is a leading global technology corporation delivering mission-critical solutions with extreme performance for customers that operate under extremely challenging conditions. The group has fulfilled demanding customers needs and adapted to changing market conditions throughout its proud 200-year-old history.

KONGSBERG works with demanding customers in the global defence, maritime, oil and gas, fisheries and aerospace sectors.

Centralized Rig Managing Software

The application helps the user to view and maintain multiple rigs all over the world with help of Sensor converter. Sensor converter is one of the key application for connecting and collecting data from the drilling tools. Multiple protocols for source communication are supported in converter to receive the data.

Shellsquare deliver to Kongsberg Digital Solution, specifically supporting the digitalization of Oil and Gas drilling/exploration.

Technology profile
Energistics Transfer Protocol (ETP)

The Energistics Transfer Protocol (ETP) data exchange specification enables efficient transfer of data between applications. The initial use case is for real-time data; however, it is anticipated that ETP will be expanded to include functionality for historical data queries. ETP has been specifically envisioned and designed to meet the unique needs of the upstream oil and gas industry and especially to facilitate the exchange of data across the Energistics family of data standards, which includes WITSML, PRODML and RESQML.

One of the goals of ETP is to replace TCP/IP WITS level 0 data transfers with a more efficient and simple-to-implement alternative. The three main initial use cases for ETP are to move real-time data between applications, including:

Transfer from a wellsite provider to a WITSML store (server)

Transfer of data from WITSML store to WITSML store (replication)

Transfer of data from WITSML store to client applications

ETP also used for PRODML data streaming. Shellsquare developed many applications using ETP

Transfer of data from WITSML store to client applications

ETP defines a discovery mechanism so data receivers do not have to poll for data and can receive new data as soon as they are available from a data provider.


Covering Drilling, Completions and Interventions, WITSML is the industry reference for the transmission of data from rig-site to the offices of oilfield service companies, integrators and operators. It is also used to share information among partners, vendors and government agencies.

The current inventory of WITSML standard capabilities includes: wellsite-to-office data transfers, completions (equipment, events and flows), wireline and LWD well logs, as well as calculated and planned well trajectories. Data Assurance Metadata is part of the standard. The Energistics Transfer Protocol (ETP) is the recommended method to ensure near-real-time continuous data transfers.

WITSML is under the management of a dedicated Special Interest Group (SIG), bringing together specialists from numerous member companies and organizations to chart the future of the standard.
Well Cross Section
Wellcross-section is a library which helps the user to understand the wellbore data in graphical format. The library accepts the wellbore data and draws the graphics. Available methods in wellcross-section help user to interact and customize the drawing. Library supports real-time wellbore data and monitors the operations with the help of available methods. It also provides the horizontal and vertical drawing of the wellbore in md view as well as tvd view.

Wellcross-section can correlate the wellbore data like Formations, Lithologies, Sections, Accessories, BHA and display it in the form of pictorial view which helps the user to understand available illustration.

It has a wide range of build-in pre-approved graphical products (sections, accessories, BHA) which are used in production and drilling on industry standard. User either choose any available product and customize it or can create his product with the required parameter.
Blow out preventer
Sand screen
Sliding sleeve
Shellsquare helped Exebenus to deliver Artificial Intelligence to predict the Stuck pipe in the wellbores before it occurs.

Shellsquare helped Exebenus to deliver the planning module to Equinor.

Shellsquare helped Kongsberg Digital to visualize the wireline operation in real-time.

Shellsquare helped Kongsberg Digital to integrate XMPP protocol to the Kognifai platform.
We believe innovation is powered by people working together to change things for the better. No matter what stage of your career you are at, at Shellsquare you can go further and grow faster. Here at Shellsquare, we respect, value, and celebrate the identifiers, characteristics, and perspectives that shape each individual. We believe that diversity is a key component of a healthy learning and working environment. Thus, we encourage everyone to bring their authentic self to Shellsquare.
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We are looking for curious, analytical, and adaptable people to join our growing team. At Shellsquare you will find a dynamic environment where growth opportunities are abundant and hard work is rewarded. If you think you would be a great addition to our team and are ready to accelerate your personal growth, apply here.
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